Get commit date of a given SHA1 (submodules) commit

very special problem: I have integrated submodules and I get my submodules 8-char long referenced commit state by

$ git ls-tree HEAD MY_SUBMODULE | awk '{print $3}' | cut -c -8

Now I want to get the commit date of the submodule, preferably in format yyyy-mm-dd. Do you have a idea how to handle this

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Get commit date of a given SHA1 (submodules) commit”

    You could use the git show command (for the committer date):

    git --git-dir=/path/to/submodule/.git show --format="%ci" <commit>

    The OP John Rumpel suggests in the comments:

    git --git-dir=path/to/submodule/.git show --pretty=format:'%ad' --date=short <commit> 
    # or
    git log --git-dir=path/to/submodule/.git --pretty=format:'%ad %h' --date=short | grep <commit> 
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