Gerrit try to configure trivial rebase

I want to enable trivial rebase on gerrit 2.9.1. I followed documentation and changed labels.

Here what I hava in MY_PROJECT.git/config:

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  • [label "Code-Review"]
        function = MaxWithBlock
        copyMinScore = true
        value = -2 Do not submit, I must review it !
        value = -1 I would prefer that you didn't submit this
        value =  0 No score
        value = +1 Looks good to me, but someone else must approve
        value = +2 Looks good to me, approved !
        copyAllScoresOnTrivialRebase = true
        copyAllScoresIfNoCodeChange = true

    I restart gerrit, and when I look at my interface, labels didn’t change and trivial rebase is not activated. Here’s what I have on my interface:

        +2 Looks good to me, approved
        +1 Looks good to me, but someone else must approve
        0 No score
        -1 I would prefer this is not merged as is
        -2 This shall not be merged

    Any idea why it’s not working ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Gerrit try to configure trivial rebase”

    The file to edit is ‘project.config’ in the All-Project repository.

    See this link.

    $ git clone ssh://
    $ cd All-Projects
    $ git fetch origin refs/meta/config:refs/remotes/origin/meta/config
    $ git checkout meta/config
    $ #edit project.config
    $ git commit -a
    $ git push origin meta/config:meta/config

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