Gerrit email notification for push to master branch

Hello I am trying to setup email notifications for push to gerrit .
I am receiving emails when I push to HEAD:refs/for/master or the review branch on gerrit

Ex:- git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master Triggers email notifications based on settings in Watch Projects under Settings in Gerrit webpage.

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  • But , when I do push to master –

    git push gerrit master email notifications are not being triggered .

    Can anyone please help me setup email notifications for pushes to master branch also on gerrit

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Gerrit email notification for push to master branch”

    According to Gerrit documentation:

    Gerrit can automatically notify users by email when new changes are
    uploaded for review, after comments have been posted on a change, or
    after the change has been submitted to a branch.

    So it’s not possible to trigger an automatic e-mail notification for changes that have been pushed to a repository without review. However, as described here, you can use ref-updated hook and handle sending e-mails manually:


    Called whenever a ref has been updated.

    ref-updated –oldrev –newrev –refname –project –submitter

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