“gcloud init projectname” stopped working. How to check out remote App Engine repo?

gcloud init projectname stopped working and instead now suggests:

ERROR: (gcloud.init) Invalid value for [projectname]: gcloud init
has changed and no longer takes a PROJECT argument. Please use gcloud
source repos clone
to clone this project’s source repositories.

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  • I had a few attempts but just cannot make this command work.

    gcloud source repos clone projectname
    Cloning into '/Users/boss/gcloudrepositories/projectname'...
    fatal: remote error: Repository not found. You may need to create a repository for this project using the Source Code tab at https://console.developers.google.com

    However there is no feature in the console to create a repo.

    To add to the confusion, the console still advises to use gcloud auth init projectname:

    enter image description here

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  • One Solution collect form web for ““gcloud init projectname” stopped working. How to check out remote App Engine repo?”

    Yeah – there’s a bug in the UI there – we’ll get that fixed up. The other confusing bit here is that the positional argument for gcloud source repos clone is the repo name, NOT the project name. There is a default repo created in your project called ‘default’. The command you’re looking for here is:

    gcloud source repos clone default --project=YOUR_PROJECT_ID

    This clones the project locally. Hope this helps!

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