From master, commit to another branch

I usually create branches for the different segments of code but once in a while I forget to create a new branch and everything is happening on the master branch.

How can I say to git that although I am on the master branch, this commit is for the xyz branch?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “From master, commit to another branch”

    Just checkout that branch first and commit to it

    git checkout -b mynewbranch
    # `git add` what you need
    git commit -m "my commit message"

    If you already committed on master one which should go on another branch, you can;

    # create a branch on that commit
    git branch mynewbranch
    # reset master to the previous commit
    # git reset --hard HEAD~

    (Make sure you don’t have any private file not added yet to the index, or the reset --hard would erase them: you can use git stash to save them temporarily)

    Then you can switch on mynewbranch is you have other commits to do on that new branch:

    git checkout mynewbranch
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