Fork remote SVN repo to git

Apologies if this question is a duplicate, or if I’ve missed something, but in all my searching of the interwebz, I can’t find any information on this.

I want to fork someone else’s SVN project, and then turn it into a local git repo (hopefully preserving all of the SVN commits). All the examples I’ve found have only talked about how to turn your own SVN repo into a git repo via git svn.

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  • For example, I occasionally write some Adobe AIR apps, and I like to use the open-source AlivePDF library for PDF generation. The SVN repo URL is Since I have made some changes to the source code that I use locally in my PDF generation, I want to then turn my local fork into a git project. I’ve tried to just do git svn clone alivepdf-read-only --no-metadata --stdlayout . (from the directory where I want to store it). However when I look at the git repo history (gitx on Mac), it appears to be empty, i.e., no history of the original AlivePDF author’s commits.

    Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to SVN fork the project first, then change it into a git project? Please advise.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Fork remote SVN repo to git”

    git svn clone alivepdf-read-only on my machine works as expected and gives me complete history, eg:

    nexus-Tablet8\nexus C:\Users\nexus\Development\Misc\alivepdf-read-only
    [master]# git log --oneline -3
    c3b93fb Add the test case reported by the user in the issue 338.
    3577380  - now set the unit to the unit of the new page in addPage.  - add *MarginPt to keep the values in pixel, the olc
    08653f Add a test case to test issue 340.

    Are you seeing something different?

    (I tried making this a comment on your question insteadof an answer, but the formatting gets messed up)

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