force git to accept cherry-pick's changes

I did cherry-pick from a gerrit review in my branch.
In gerrit code review, I have two patch sets and I cherry-picked patch one before, so now I want to do the second patch set, but there are conflicts, how can I force git to accept all changes?

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    You can tell it to always prefer the changes of the commit you are cherry-picking:

    git cherry-pick commitish --strategy-option theirs

    commitish can be a SHA-1 hash of a commit, or a branch-name for the lastest commit of that branch, branch-name~1 for the commit before that etc.

    If you want to do the reverse, use:

    git cherry-pick commitish --strategy-option ours

    The shorthand for --strategy-option is -X (uppercase X).

    you could brute force it with something like this:

    git show cb1e6a:path/to/filename > path/to/filename
    git add path/to/filename
    git commit

    but I’m sure there’s an easier way.

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