Flask committing to Heroku, flask-lesscss never loading

Running flask and able to commit most my app but consistently getting stuck on the following line after doing git push heroku master.

Nothing happens, there is no error, it just does not load.

Here is the last 2 lines. Seems like it is unable to reach the flask-lesscss site but I am not sure how to fix.

remote:        Obtaining flask-lesscss-v0.9.1 from git+http://github.com/sjl/flask-lesscss.git@724e999f6d728be81f057ac4d5ebc8d9757b950e#egg=flask_lesscss-v0.9.1 (from -r requirements.txt (line 21))
remote:          Cloning http://github.com/sjl/flask-lesscss.git (to 724e999f6d728be81f057ac4d5ebc8d9757b950e) to ./.heroku/src/flask-lesscss-v0.9.1

Any advice?

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