filter history to clean git repo from submodules

How can you remove references to submodules in a git repo which no longer uses submodules (merged them) so that bazaar can import it?

bzr: ERROR: The repository you are fetching from contains submodules, which are not yet supported.

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  • It should be possible according to jelmer:

    There is no way to tell the import system to just ignore history. You could provide a custom repository that has the submodules filtered out of the history or filter them out of your history on github.

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    You can’t, see for an explanation of why. It looks as if they’re trying to get bzr to handle this but aren’t there yet.

    Importing a repository with submodules is not yet supported. The required support for dealing with submodules is present in bzr-git, but the feature that submodules are mapped to, which is called “nested trees” is not yet finished.

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