File backing store for Jazz RTC? Database or file based?

We currently use Clearcase for a large number of large projects. We use SQL Server as the file store in the background, and it has eventually reached a point where accessing files is just too slow.

Looking at GIT and Mercurial, we see a distributed VCS based on storing file differences – which has the potential to get much better local performance.

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  • Does anybody know whether Jazz RTC has a file store backed by file differences or by a database? (The rumour mill is suggesting it is backed by DB2 :/ )

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    I suppose you mean Jazz RTC, which has a version control included.

    Its Jazz RTC server supports DB2, Sql Server and Oracle.

    enter image description here

    However, a Jazz platform is very different from a DVCS like Git and Mercurial: it is an application Hub made to facilitate the communication between several software about the development lifecycle (requirements, versionning, changes, builds, …).
    The version control part is only a small portion of Jazz.

    I would recommend on using Git for VCS and other systems for issue tracking, build servers, etc. The all-in-one solutions only go so far. Initially it may be easier to start, but you quickly run into the “weakest link in the chain”.

    Hope this helps

    File access with RTC/Jazz source control is fast.

    On the Jazz SCM dev team (of which I’m a part), we have a large repo. It contains tens of thousands of files, and hundreds of thousands of file states. The load time (on our LAN) is limited by network speed: I can load 50k files (roughly 500megs) in 10 to 20 minutes. On a faster network, it would be better.

    On the server, changes are kept as deltas (ie, differences between versions) where appropriate. The Jazz server is backed by a database, but access is quick.

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