fatal: fetch-pack: unable to fork off sideband demultiplexer

We’re working on a clients Magento website at the moment. We’ve been developing some updates on http://dev.theirwebsite.com and using git to track commits etc. We got to the stage today when we were happy to put all of the changes live onto their production website.

We went to the root folder of their site via SSH and ran a ‘git pull’ command to pull in the master file (git pull ‘origin’ master) but got the following error back:

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    fatal: fetch-pack: unable to fork off sideband demultiplexer

    I’ve been looking all day for ways to fix this. Just to clarify, the dev.theirdomain.com works with git pull, but the production site (even though it’s on the same server) doesn’t…

    Does anyone have any solutions on how we would be able to fix this?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Kind regards,

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    Your system is out of resources -this is why rebooting worked for you.

    Just keep an eye on your running processes and kill the one thats hogging all the memory and you won’t need to reboot next time this happens.

    Try updating your system and rebooting. It worked for me.

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