Extracting only open issues from github api without any pull request using ruby on rails

I am building an application which should extract all the open issues from any of the directory of github using github-api gem in ROR. The problem is that it is also extracting pull requests from the repository. Is there any way to extract only open issues.

here is the blog from where I am following.
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  • code
    git = Github.new oauth_token:
    issues = git.issues.list user: 'Shippable', repo: 'support', state: 'open'

    are there any other filter via which only allows open issues to extract.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Extracting only open issues from github api without any pull request using ruby on rails”

    Filter them after you fetched them using the pull_request keyword. Here is what the API docs say:

    This endpoint may also return pull requests in the response. If an issue is a pull request, the object will include a pull_request key.

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