Expand git repo

I’ve got some code that looks like this on the file system:


The code in A is contained in a git repo.

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  • However, I now want to expand the repo to cover the entire code base (i.e. including 1.java which is 1 directory up).

    I’ve got a feeling (having played around with submodules) that it’s not as easy as just init‘ing a git repo in the parent directory. Am I right? If so, how should I tackle this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Expand git repo”

    cd A
    mkdir A
    git mv -k * A/
    git commit -m "Expand git repo"
    cd ..
    mv A tmpA
    mv tmpA/{.git,A} ./
    rmdir tmpA

    In other words, do the reorg inside the repo, then just move everything up a directory. Git won’t know the difference because all of the filenames will match.

    The mv -k stops git from trying to move A/ into itself, which would be an error.

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