Error with git: “ already exists and is not a valid git repo”

It is seying that I cannot do this:

 git submodule add -f libs/OAuth/functions

Because of this:

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  • ‘libs/OAuth/functions’ already exists and is not a valid git repo

    I just don’t get it. It does not exists anywhere. Is there another git config file hidden on my computer that I don’t know of or something? I tried deleting .git and pulling everything again that did not do anything. Any ideas?

    I also tried this:

    git ls-files --stage functions

    When I was inside of libs/OAuth and I got nothing.

    Then I tried this:

    sudo git rm --cached functions

    I got this error:

    fatal: pathspec 'functions' did not match any files

    I also tried this:

    sudo git rm -r --cached functions

    And got the same previous error.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Error with git: “ already exists and is not a valid git repo””

    Even if the folder doesn’t exist, check the index status:

    cd libs/OAuth
    git ls-files -- functions

    If there is an entry registered in the index, you will need to remove it before being able to add your subrepos as a submodule.
    (as explained in “Issue with adding common code as git submodule: “already exists in the index””)

    All this assumes that you are at the root folder of a currently cloned repo, which will act as the parent repo of any submodule you would declare.

    In case someone else had a similar case as mine and was struggling with this as I was because of a stupid reason:

    Check if for any reason the file doesn’t already exists (I had a failed git subomdule add previously)

    So in the context of the question rm the file:

    rm -rf libs/OAuth/functions

    And then try to re add

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