Error when trying to use svn2git on Windows

I am trying to import a svn repository into git on Windows 7. I have Ruby/Gems/svn2git installed, but when I run this command:

svn2git http://svn.server/path

I get the following error:

n `popen': No such file or directory - git svn init --no-metadata --trunk=trunk
--tags=tags --branches=branches http://svn.server/path (Errno::ENO

I don’t know what this error means. All files are in the correct place as far as I can tell, and copying the repository to my local system doesn’t work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: My SVN repository has the default trunk/branch structure.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Error when trying to use svn2git on Windows”

    Svn2Git documentation states that depends on git-core (msysgit in windows) and git-svn, since the error is related to the “git svn” command, i guess you’ll have to install it and make it available in your PATH.

    Check this other StackOverflow question on how to install both git-core and git-svn.

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