ERROR: Repository not found message given when following the instructions for Jekyll-Bootstrap

Github pages not working for me when using Jekyll-Bootstrap.

I followed the instructions here:

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    The instructions say:

    $ git clone
    $ cd
    $ git remote set-url origin
    $ git push origin master

    I used the personalized install code (means my github name rather than “USERNAME”)

    I get this error when I try to do the last “$ git push origin master”

    ERROR: Repository not found.
    fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

    How do I get this to work?


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    You have to have created a git repository on GitHub named Are you new to GitHub? Just make sure you log in and then go to your dashboard which is on
    Somewhere on that page you’ll see a button “New repository”. Use that to create a repo named . Once that’s done, run the Jekyll Bootstrap commands again and it should work.

    Let me know how it goes.

    I ran into the same problem. I noticed that the instruction give commands that include while my actual Jekyll-Bootstrap blog is located at

    I had the same issue when the user had no permissions over the organization. Check its status if you have this problem.

    I face this issue and pull my hair out and figure out the solution. It occurs since your git remote repo still points to Instead use

     git remote rm origin
     git remote add origin

    Then run setup

     rake setup_github_pages

    It prompts for repo url, enter your url which has .com extension

    I ran into same problem. I have created repository when I cloned the jekyll repo as per the steps:

    $ git clone
    $ cd
    $ git remote set-url origin
    $ git push origin master

    I also used CNAME file to redirect to my custom domain. It works fine for sometime pushes successfully and can commit. But after sometime it gives the same error.

    Permission denied (publickey).
    fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

    Please make sure you have the correct access rights
    and the repository exists.

    At this time _site folder is created on your root at
    I couldn’t know the solution yet but deleting the remote repo and pushing into empty repo again.


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