Error deploying to Azure through git (bitbucket hosted git repo)

This morning, I went to our website to find out this : The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.

I then went to windows azure management portal, and then it told me that it cannot connect to bitbucket. I went to bitbucket to see if it was up, everything was fine. I also pull changes from bitcuket and it worked like a charm.

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    One hour just passed by, and Microsoft Folks seems to have corrected the issue, as I was able to add the bitbucket repo to the azure website, without changing anything on azure nor bitbucket.

    1.Connect your Azure Web Site FTP then delete all items in repository folder.

    2.On your Azure Portal Dashboard click Reset Your Publish Profile Credentials.

    Thats all.

    Note: After Reset Your Publish Profile Credentials FTP connection password will be changed.

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