Egit shows all files as changed

I’m working with Git on my Windows 7 PC on the command line and with TortoiseGit. This works fine. Now I’ve installed EGit for Eclipse. EGit is showing all files as changed although git status correctly reports, that there are no changes.

Any idea what’s wrong?

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    I also had the similar issue, I have changed the below property of repository setting under Git configuration in eclipse

    autocrlf = false

    This fixed the problem

    You can get more details from the below link too:

    There is nothing changed, but eclipse egit marks the file as changed

    Basically I added this property as true in order to address ctrl+M chars in script files.
    Now I am not sure how to address this issue. Any thought on this, please share.

    This is a late response, but I recently ran into this same problem when initially cloning a git repository. EGit was showing all files as changed even though it had just been cloned and git bash showed no changes in the files.

    Since you usually don’t want autocrlf = false on Windows machines, I left autocrlf = true and cloned the repository. Then in EGit I commited the faux changes to all files and finally in git bash reverted to the previous commit with git reset --hard HEAD^1. This tricked EGit into thinking the line endings were correct without needing to touch the actual repository. Commits and pulls after this point haven’t reproduced the EGit confusion in my configuration. Additionally no unexpected line ending changes occur when I push to the repository.

    I was never able to get any of the suggested solutions to work. I ended-up fixing the issue by re-cloning the repository with the Windows installed Git Bash (I had cloned using Git within Cygwin previously).

    I’m posting this as another answer just in case someone else is in the same boat as me.

    I was also having this issue and it was driving me crazy! It kepts saying ‘Checkout conflicts with file:’

    Anyway I managed to (kind of) fix this using a combination of the following:

    Team -> Advanced -> Assumed Unchanged on the resource causing the conflict

    Then change core.autocrlf to false and also set core.whitespace to empty string.

    This works fine for .java files but .xml files and .xsd files are still causing this issue!

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