egit not cloning submodules Recursively

I have a repo configured with recursive sub-modules in GIT.

For example, Repo A has Repo B as a submodule which itself has Repo C as sub-module.

When I clone Repo A from eGit, it does not do a recursive clone and checkout like --recurse-submodules switch does in CLI. I only get the Repo B, but not Repo C.
Is this a known problem, any workarounds?

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    The EGit User Guide for the 1.3 release doesn’t explicitly state that it can be done. Is it possible to select multiple submodules at once and then perform an action on the whole set? Just throwing the idea out. I’m not an EGit user, so I couldn’t say. I see that you’ve created bug 375426 over at ( Good luck. Hopefully the folks who designed it will answer.

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