Egit: configure rebase as default pull strategy for master branch

In our new project we’ve got 10 repositories, each of which have interdependent Eclipse projects.

I plan to establish a default workflow, where each developer is working on the master branch and uses the commit-pull-push cycle. To reduce commits and get a nice linear history I prefer rebase as standard strategy for pull. This works fine, if branch.master.rebase=true is set.

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  • Unfortunatelly it has to be set manually for all repositories, after they are cloned with EGit. I tried setting branch.autosetuprebase=always, but this affects manually created local branches only, not the master branch after a clone.

    I would like to automatize the initial setting of branch.master.rebase=true to reduce errors and for convenience. Is there a way to do it? Preferably inside of Eclipse/Egit, but other ideas are welcome, too.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Egit: configure rebase as default pull strategy for master branch”

    As mentioned by Ozan’s response to their original question, the correct solution is to add


    in .gitconfig

    If you want to make this change in the Eclipse GUI

    1. Open the Git Perspective in Eclipse.
    2. Expand your repository, Branches, Local.
    3. Right-click your branch and click “Configure Branch”.
    4. Check “Rebase”.
    5. Click OK. Do for the rest of the branches pushed to origin.
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