EGIT branches local vs Remote tracking

I am new to GIT. I use EGIT with eclipse.

I have a question about branches where I see two sections “Local” and “Remote Tracking”. If I have to work on one of the branches, I think there are two ways I can accomplish it.

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  • a) Check out origin/featureBranch under remote tracking and work on it.

    b) Right click under local and create a local branch and point to ref/remote/featureBranch and start working on it?

    Are there any difference between these two approaches? which one is preferred?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “EGIT branches local vs Remote tracking”

    b) would be best.
    a) would create a DETACHED HEAD, which would allow you to work on an “anonymous” branch, but would not allow you to push your work.
    (See also “Git Tip of the Week: Detached Heads” and “detached head explained” for more on detached head)

    For EGit, see “Git Lesson: Be mindful of a detached head”:

    example of an Egit detached head

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