Eclipse + Maven Plugin + EGit Plugin = Checkout from GitHub a specific Branche and Tag?

I know this is a relatively special question. Maybe some knows this nevertheless:

I want to compile Hector with Maven in Eclipse=> Branch: 0.7.0 and Tag: hector-0.7.0-29
( (The mentionaed Branch/Tag are not(!) the Master Branch, so requires a dedicated Checkout.)

I have installed: Maven-Maven Plugin and the EGit Plugin for Eclipse

My Problem:

1.)Maven Plugin allows to checkout directoly from a SCM like GitHub (when installing the maven-git-plugin= this is not the same as egit plugin). I am now able to downlaod a Project directly from Github with the maven plugin. On Disk I find the Tag and Branch (as Git files in the .git Directory.)

But the Problem is, the Version that is checkout out is the MASTER Branch. And I do not find an option to checkout the specific Branch and Tag directly within Eclipse. When clicking on “Team-Context-Menu” I normally have all the EGit Options (to checkout a specific Branch/Tag). But due to the fact the Project got downladed via the Maven Plugin it seems it is not regarded from Eclipse as an Git Repository.) So klicking on “Team” where I normally have all my Git-Commoands is more or less empty. I need to find a way to tell Eclipse that this Project is a GIT/EGIT managable project, so that I have the menu options to manage it.

2.) Furthermore I want the downloaded Project to be completely “SCM-Managed” (via Git) so that I can “track” my local changes to the files. Therefore all “Egit Context Menu” Stuff should be working for this checked out project.

If someone knows how to do this, I would be very kind for any advice!

Thank you very much! Jens

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    Well, the simpler answer would just be to clone the repository with EGit, right click on the repository in the repositories view and select “Import Projects”.

    I had a similar problem with a repository already cloned, but new projects were on a new branch. I switched to the desired branch and used “Team” -> “Show in Repositories View” -> “Working Directory” -> “Import Maven Projects…” on the desired projects.

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