Eclipse EGIT: Current branch not configred for pull

I am working on a tilebased RPG with a friend of mine who has to go away for weeks and we decided it was time to use version control/git. I am starting to regret that. After a few hours we managed to get it working to the point where:

  1. I create a repository on github, add him as collaborator.
  2. I commit project in eclipse to git, push
  3. He pulls, gets it imported in his workspace
  4. I make some changes, commit push, he pulls the changes.
  5. He makes some changes, commits and pushes successfully. Changes appear in repo
  6. I try to pull changes, get errors (see image), unsuccessful.
  7. I make some changes, try to commit, get errors, unsuccessful.

Essentially we are locked with a project he can update and I cannot. I am the repo owner if that matters at all.

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  • On trying to “Fetch from upstream”:

    On trying to “Pull”:

    On commit&push:

    We are pretty much stuck now. We rather not use skype to send files, at some point we are going to be professionals and that seems too tedious.

    As requested:
    enter image description here

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Eclipse EGIT: Current branch not configred for pull”

    The error message “This branch is not configured for pull” in EGit is typical of a branch created locally and pushed.

    That wouldn’t set the merge section of that branch.
    See “The current branch is not configured for pull No value for key branch.master.merge found in configuration”

    [branch "master"]
      remote = origin
      merge = refs/heads/master

    To solve that, one way is to rename your current master branch, and, in the Git Repositories view:

    • Right-click on “Branches” / “Switch to” / “New Branch
    • pull down “Source ref” list, select “master” branch (pull strategymerge“, “Checkout new branch” checked)
    • click “finish

    The new branch should be correctly configured

    This worked for me in Eclipse IDE with EGit:

        Open Window->Show view->Other->Git->Git Repositories
        Right click on your repo in Git Repositories view -> Properties
        Click "Add Entry..." button
        key: branch.master.remote
        value: origin
        Click "Add Entry..." button
        key: branch.master.merge
        value: refs/heads/master
        Right click on your repo -> Pull

    Btw. I’m pulling master from remote and my local branch when pulling is also master.

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