Drawables won't push to github Android Studio

Hello I am not sure why this is the case, but when I commit and push to GitHub no matter how many png files or pictures I add to my drawable folders, the drawables folder never changes on the repository when I access it thru my profile on GitHub.

Example picture:

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    I have done research, but didn’t find much substance

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    I was surprised that there is not a lot written on this. This can be fatal if a user commits a project ending error and needs to recover everything on Github just to find that every drawable or png file will be lost.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Drawables won't push to github Android Studio”

    It depends on how you add the images to Android Studio. If you drop the images their respective folders without letting AS know via a file explorer then the images will not be added to git and they will appear red in the project explorer. If you copy the images and paste them into their respective folders within the AS project explorer then they should be added to git and show up green as shown below.

    Android studio file color example

    If there are files you wish to add to git that aren’t added already then just right click on the file in the project explorer and select Git -> Add or use Ctrl+Alt+A.

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