Does HEAD always refer to what “master” refers to (in this context)?

Suppose one is on branch “master” and that HEAD is at the tip of the branch (say, on commit C). Suppose one then executes git reset --hard HEAD^3 back to commit A. Then HEAD now refers to A.

Question: Does “master” also refer to A, or is it still pointing at C? Put differently: in this context, does HEAD always refer to what the branch “master” does (i.e., assuming that our repository has only one branch named “master”)?

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    Let’s check it, current branch is:

    $ git branch
    * master

    current state of the repo:

    $ git log --oneline
    e585b43 C
    4bbf8be B
    6ae7d39 A
    fb4949b Initial commit

    Let’s rebase it:

    $ git reset --hard HEAD~3
    HEAD is now at fb4949b Initial commit

    Let’s check where HEAD points:

    $ git log HEAD  --oneline
    fb4949b Initial commit

    Let’s check where master points:

    $ git log master --oneline
    fb4949b Initial commit

    As you can see HEAD and master point at the same commit

    No, HEAD will not always refer to the same commit as “master”.
    In case you checkout a commit that has been become dangling HEAD will refer to that commit and “master” will still refere to the tip of that branch.

    In this case will git reset --hard HEAD~3change HEAD and master to refer to the same commit.

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