Does git provide a URL scheme for directly referencing a version of a file?

Is there some sort of URL scheme for git that allows you to directly reference a particular file in a version? Example:

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  • In this URL we have basically [protocol]://[repo location]/blob/[version hash]/[file path]

    I’m assuming this link scheme is something GitHub made up, and not something that could be used anywhere else. Given that, is there anything similar I could use on non-GitHub implementations of git? something like:

    git://[repo location]/[version hash]/[file path] ?

    I know I could programmatically look it up given the version hash and file path, but I’m more interested in the easy referential abilities a URL provides.

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    gitweb supports the following scheme, per the man page: .../gitweb.cgi/<repo>/<action>/<revision>:/<path>?<arguments>

    Here <revision> may be symbolic, e.g. HEAD; I suppose you can use commit hashes and tags, too.

    Obviously GitHub uses a different URL mapping.

    Note that git-daemon speaks its own protocol, and git-http-backend does not seem to serve individual files; there’s no ‘native’ URL scheme.

    When you have a local repo:

    git show [version hash]:[file path]

    Note the colon.

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