Does anyone have experience with a private Launchpad instance?

Has somebody already installed and run launchpad on its own server? I’d like advice as I wasn’t able to find any on the web. Besides, the official team gives scary remarks on having its own launchpad. They also say that a lot of administration scripts aren’t included in the distributed sources and that the user has to reinvent them by himself (then I figured they actually don’t want anybody to have its own).

Although, I’m keen to have mine, it’s for one private project developed by 2 to 3 coders. I’m going to rent a dedicated server with the appropriate Ubuntu server. But before I do so, I’d like to know:

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    • If I install one instance and then keep using that specific stable version (I’m sure we won’t need to upgrade and sync with the official launchpad upstream at all) do I take huge risks like losing all data?

    • Does it crash sometimes?

    • Does it require the development of plenty admin. scripts?

    • Is the setup and initial configuration hard (or not yet documented)?

    • If you were me, and would like to work with Bazaar, what other project management platform would you go for?

    • How’s launchpad’s backup system?

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    I do not think that there is anyone using Launchpad other than Ubuntu. If you wonder why I say this, please check

    You can use sloecode for hosting bazaar branches and as andrewsomething said you can use loggerhead for a web view of the code. Another option to consider is I think on Ubuntu you can apt-get that these days.

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