Do I need sonar and sonar runner for Jenkins?

I want to set up Sonar with Jenkins. But I’m not sure if the Sonar site describes two different ways to do this or if there are two necessary steps:

As far as I understood it, it’s two different ways. If this is the case, what is the difference and what are the advantages and disadvantages (between the Sonar itself and Sonar runner)?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Do I need sonar and sonar runner for Jenkins?”

    If you want to analyse a project with SonarQube and Jenkins, here’s what you need:

    • A SonarQube server up and running

    • A Jenkins server up and running with the SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins installed and configure to point to your SonarQube server

    • A job configured to run a SonarQube analysis on your project:

      • Using the default and standard SonarQube Scanner (suitable for most projects)

      • Using the SonarQube Scanner for MSBuild (for .NET solutions)

      • Using a post build action for Maven-based projects

    Everything is described more in details on the SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins documentation page.

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