Discover Git object hash based on path and branch

I’m writing a small web Git visualization tool and i wanted to convert a file path and a branch:

master repository/folder/test => a39bc19d82890f25df2d08d8bea627bb4354e8d8
mybranch repository/folder/test/ => 76e2242459d360f7429ed748426e660b6dacc9a9

Into a Git object hash, so i can properly use git show and git cat-file, as well git ls-tree. My app currently looks like this:

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  • show.php?h=76e2242459d360f7429ed748426e660b6dacc9a9

    I want to convert paths into something more usable, like:


    Any ideas?

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    The branch:path notation was the solution. Thanks Noufal Ibrahim!

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