Disable Netbeans automatic svn ignore?

How do I stop Netbeans from automatically svn ignore-ing “.swp” files?

I use Netbeans as my main development environment, but I often use gvim at the same time for quick edits. gvim creates temporary files with the .swp extension, and Netbeans seems to be scanning my code folders and adding an svn ignore property for these files.

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  • I can see how this would be useful to people, but I want to disable it – the .swp files don’t show up as being unversioned anyway, so they’re not a problem, but the directory modifications caused by the svn ignore‘s just creates a load of modification spam when I’m using the svn command line interface.

    Any idea how I can disable this feature?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Disable Netbeans automatic svn ignore?”

    From here:

    Get NetBeans to stop adding VIM swap files to .cvsignore or svn:ignore

    • Open $HOME/.netbeans/6.1/config/Preferences/org/netbeans/core.properties
    • Remove everything in the IgnoredFiles property after the last pipe character (|) (i.e., |^\..*$) and append ^.svn$
    • Restart NetBeans

    You can also find this setting under the Files tab in the Options

    As mentioned by therefromhere in the comments:

    • In netbeans 6.7 this is in Tools->Options->Miscellaneous->Files
    • the relevant pattern to append in this case was ^.*\.swp$
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