Differences between two versions of the same file in nonadjacent commits in git

Let’s say I have a repository with some commits:


Let’s say it has a file called 1.file

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  • Let’s say it looks like this across the various commits:







    Can I somehow view the differences between the latest-commit and some-old-commit versions of 1.file (preferably on github) and have the line c=3; marked as new, while what went on with b would be left out (as it’s irrelevant).

    This seems like something basic, but I wasn’t able to achieve the desired result.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Differences between two versions of the same file in nonadjacent commits in git”


    git diff some-old-commit..latest-commit -- 1.file

    You’d not be able to run this on github so first fetch from github in your local repository.

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