Difference in GIT betw. branch, clone and snapshot

How are these action different?
– to branch
– to clone
– to take a snapshot

They all copy a set of files from one directory to another.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Difference in GIT betw. branch, clone and snapshot”

    • “to clone” is done by git clone and copies over to your local storage the all history of a repository (with all its branches)

    • “to branch” is done by git branch (or git checkout -b aNewBranch) in your local repo, and add a local branch (that you would need to push if you wish to publish it, or that you can keep local and merge into another branch later)

    • “to take a snapshot” is done by git tag and add to a commit a tag (again a local operation: you can push a tag to an upstream repo or keep it in your local repo only)

    See also “DVCS workflow”.

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