Deploy git subdirectory on heroku

I have to deploy a git subdirectory from a non master branch. I have looked at this answer and to the docs on Heroku, but when I issue

git subtree push --prefix visualizations heroku develop:master

I get the following error

error: src refspec d02911f4e410256fae0760f87f186289436ff98b:refs/heads/develop does not match any

And I really don’t know how to proceed.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Deploy git subdirectory on heroku”

    The git subtree push command does not use the localBranch:remoteBranch syntax used in the plain git push to define what local branch gets pushed into what remote branch. What you might need is just to change that last parameter:

    git subtree push --prefix visualizations heroku master

    Since git subtree push creates a new commit for the subtree, and that is the one pushed, there is no need define a local branch as a source.

    With the above command you are telling git to create a new subtree commit from visualizations and to push it to the master branch on the heroku remote.

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