delete a 'feature' branch using gitflow without merging into master branch

I am using the Git GUI called ‘Souretree’ by Atlassian and in particular the ‘Gitflow’ module to manage various branches.

I just created a ‘release’ branch that I don’t want to merge back into either the master or develop branches. How do I get rid of it ? Can I just delete it ? My concern is that I mess up the gitflow config.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “delete a 'feature' branch using gitflow without merging into master branch”

    It seems that I can just delete the branch according to the following sources:
    Evan Hahn

    To quote Evan:

    To trash a branch using git-flow , simply delete it like you’d
    normally delete a Git branch:

    git branch -D whatever/branch/you/wanna/delete

    Note that this does a
    forced delete, so anything you did on that branch will be lost. You
    can be safer with the lowercase -d flag instead.

    So using the sourcetree GUI interface i first changed to another branch ( in my case develop) and then simply right clicked on the release branch name in the list of branches in the left hand panel and selected Delete release/releaseName. This gave me the option to do so with as a Force Delete, which in my case was necessary as I wanted to delete the unmerged commits as well.

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