Dataset Designer.cs generate Designer1.cs after taking update from SVN in VS2013

I am facing a weird problem after taking update from SVN data-set Designer.cs file generate another file with different name like
test.Designer.cs after update renamed as test1.Designer.cs . I follow suggestion found here. but not working again its generate test1.Designer.cs ,please help me to solve this .

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Dataset Designer.cs generate Designer1.cs after taking update from SVN in VS2013”

    1. Edit the csproj file.
    2. Search for <LastGenOutput>test1.Designer.cs</LastGenOutput>.
    3. Correct the value so it shows <LastGenOutput>test.Designer.cs</LastGenOutput>.
    4. Delete test.Designer.cs and test1.Designer.cs from disk.
    5. Open the solution again.
    6. Right-click on the dataset and click Run Custom Tool to regenerate the designer file.

    The same problem can also occur with string resource resx files in Visual Studio.

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