Creating a submodule in a git project

I have a Django project and it’s currently hosted in GitHub and it’s private. I’m looking to move many useful parts of it into an open-source project. I think I need to use a ‘submodule’ thing, but unfortunately I have no idea how to operate these.

Please can someone help me 🙂

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    move many useful parts of it into an open-source project.

    That means extract one or several directories (and their associated history) into several independant git repositories, each one pushed to a public GitHub repo.

    • To extract a sub-directory from a Git repo, see the filter-branch command in this SO question
      (also in:

      • “Howto extract a git subdirectory and make a submodule out of it?”
      • Detach subdirectory into separate Git repository
    • to reference those new repositories, reference them in your original private repo to see them again directly from your current Django project: see true nature of submodules.
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