Creating a remote server on a LAN instead of using Git Hub

Can I create my own remote server instead of using Git Hub?

i.e Can I make a remote server on LAN where 3 computers are sharing a drive on a network to do the collaborative work using Gitbash? 

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    There are several ways to do this

    1. Host internal repositories like Gitlab or Stash. This will be similar to services like BitBucket or GitHub
    2. If you want to have a simple service with SSH authentication – user3159253 has already answered that
    3. A very bare bones way is
      1. Create a bare repository – example git init . --bare
      2. Start the git daemon – example git daemon --base-path=<absolute full path to git repo
      3. Add that repo as git remote add RepoName git:// or clone git clone git://

    Yes, you do. Actually you need a SSH-service and git would perfectly work over SSH. Since you’re on Windows, see Setup a Git server with msysgit on Windows

    You can set up a remote repository and make it accessible through any of the protocols it supports. The AAA would be handled by the transport.

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