Create patch and apply patch in SmartGit

I have a online repository hosted at Bitbucket but one of the developers has Internet connection problems and most of the time can’t connect to the repository. In order to mantain the same code at repository and shared between developers I think in create patch and send him trough email. Since him and I use SmartGit client it’s possible to create and apply patch from SmartGit? I read the docs but didn’t find any helpful, any advice on this? I don’t know if Git Flow feature is the solution

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    I asked the SmartGit support team whether they implemented git format-patch in the GUI or not. I got the following answer:

    No. If it needs a selected commit, it also cannot be worked around
    using external tools.

    This seems to be supported from version 6.5 of SmartGit.
    Here’s the changelog: (under SmartGit 6.5 preview 1)

    The following steps worked fine for me.

    Creating a patch:

    1. Open the Log
    2. Pick a branch and right-click on a commit
    3. Select “Format patch…” and save the file

    Applying a patch:

    1. Open the Log
    2. Go to “Tools” and then “Apply patch…”
    3. Select the patch

    The patch will be applied on the branch that is currently checked out.

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