Create branch at specific change set, move changests after this point to different branch

Hypothetical scenario:
By mistake, I’ve been working away on my ‘Main’ branch.

What I need to do, is effectively reset my Main branch to a particular changeset – 1001 for example.
Changesets after 1001, I want to move to a new branch – ‘Dev’

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  • Is this possible?

    I come from a git background, so if this were a git repository, I would probably use something like:

    git checkout -b Dev 1001  //create branch at 1001
    git checkout Main  //back on Main
    git reset --hard 1000  //reset main to 1000

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Create branch at specific change set, move changests after this point to different branch”

    No, this is not possible in the server based source control world.

    I would recommend that you take a copy of your code, and roll back the change.

    Then create a branch and overwrite the changes that you copied. Dirty, but works…

    Solution: Use git

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