Cound not check out svn with xcode 5 and Xcode Crashes if enable svn

I am not able to setup SVN in X-Code 5. Iv tried these steps:

1) Goto-Xcode-Preferences-Accounts-Add Repositories (clicking “+” sign).

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  • 2) Enter the url path of the project https://ipaddress:8578/svn/comapny_name/projectname/iphone/

    3)Enter the credentials. At this point of time i get this error message

    Xcode has modified the URL.
             Xcode repository accounts represent the root of the repository.
             Subpaths can be checked out from the checkout window.

    the Repository was added successfully with the base path https://ipaddress:8578/svn/comapny_name/

    When i checkout the project it shows authentication warning as i dont have the permission to access the base path https://ipaddress:8578/svn/comapny_name/

    but i have permissions to access the project folder https://ipaddress:8578/svn/comapny_name/projectname/iphone/

    My question

    1) how can i checkout the project from the project folder

    I tried to checkout from terminal by providing the full path of the folder and i got it successfully but the problem is when i open the project xcode crashes with out any warning

    ( i think its due to difference in the svn paths) i checked by disabling the svn then no crash

    2) how can solve this

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Cound not check out svn with xcode 5 and Xcode Crashes if enable svn”

    I have the same issue

    I haven’t fixed it directly

    But there is an alternative to update your local working copy

    Open the terminal

    Navigate to your SVN directory

    And type the command svn update

    In my case, the output:

    Updating '.':
    Updated to revision 208064

    And XCode 5 updates with the new file directly

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