could not open git/commit_editmsg

I have a git repository linked to a dropbox folder.
Recently, I have switched my laptop to another, and now i can not perform the function “git commit -am”. I keep getting this error message:
“could not open ‘.git/COMMIT_EDITMSG’: Permission denied.

Any ideas?

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    This is an file permission issue, user you are currently logged on does not have permissions to use the files.

    If that’s your repo, you may try:

    • switching to other user who owns the repo
    • changing the owner of the repo (sudo chown youruser -R yourrepodir/)
    • changing the permissions for the particular files using chmod (you should avoid using 0777 as it is not secure)

    Assuming you’re on a Windows machine, the chances are that you modified a hidden file and no longer have write permissions to the hidden file.

    To solve this, simply navigate to your .git folder and delete the “COMMIT_EDITMSG” file.

    try this git init --shared=0777

    I had this issue when I had a git repo inside a git repo in a working copy.. hope that helps

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