core.excludesfile and user.excludesfile in git

What is the difference between core.excludesfile and user.excludesfile in git repository?

I am using following code to exclude some of my configuration files but did not exlude my configuration file.

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  • $ echo 'globals/js/config.js' > .gitignore_local
    $ git add .gitignore_local
    $ git config user.excludesfile .gitignore_local

    When I pull files from my local folder using

    $ git pull [remote_path_alias] master

    But config.js file update.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “core.excludesfile and user.excludesfile in git”

    core.excludesfile is recognized by Git. user.excludesfile is not a valid git configuration setting.

    To set a configuration variable for a user you use (the slightly unfortunately named) --global with git config.

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