Copy last commits from master to branch

Present situation in the picture. Green branch is a master. How to copy last 3 commits from master to pink branch, but without touching a master ?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Copy last commits from master to branch”

    If you mean you wished you had waited to branch (and it’s a personal project branch) you can (from branch “pink”) use git rebase master. That will pop off the pink commits, move pink ahead to 29934b6 and then re-apply the patches.

    Otherwise Amber’s git merge is probably the best answer.

    Another possibility is (again, from “pink”) git cherry-pick 9a51fd2; ... for each of those changes. That will make individual new commits on pink. You can also name the branches as master, master^ and master^^.

    git checkout <name of pink branch>
    git merge master

    will do exactly what you want (merge the 3 commits from master into the pink branch, but leave master itself where it is).

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