Copy .git folder terminal with copy all

I’m trying to use cp to copy all files from sub-folder to current folder in zsh on osx. I basically want to have the problem these people are trying to get around:

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I want the opposite.
When I copy files, my .git folder is NOT being copied along with the rest of the files.

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  • I’ve tried the following to no avail:

    cp -RLv fetch/* ./
    cp -RL fetch/* ./
    cp -Rv fetch/* ./
    cp -R fetch/* ./
    cp -rv fetch/* ./
    cp -r fetch/* ./
    cp fetch/* ./

    Is this possible? I’m okay with using mv too if I have to.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Copy .git folder terminal with copy all”

    The correct command is cp -r fetch/. ./

    Asterisk (*) doesn’t work because it is extended by the shell, and by default it doesn’t include dotfiles/directories.

    try this?

    cp -a fetch fetch-copy

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