Copy files from one user to another permissions issue

I have a user ‘git‘ that owns a git repository. I’m trying to setup a post-update hook that copies the files in the repository to /var/www/site/. I’m still getting a hang of users and permissions in linux, what is the best scheme for this situation?

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    You could either have git own /var/www/site/, and give it 660 permissions on it (read and write, no execute), or make /var/www/site/ world writeable (which is not entirely a good idea, as then any user can copy, edit, etc. files in /var/www/site/). chown could help you change the owner, and chmod can help you change file permissions.

    You can also add git to the group who owns /var/www/site/, and make sure that the group has read/write permissions on /var/www/site/ as well.

    And if you ever need help with chown, chmod, or any other linux command, man can help you out.

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