Converting a subversion repository to git, why am I seeing “fatal: not a valid object name”?

I am seeing the following output while converting a subversion repo to git.

> Found possible branch point: <repo-url>/trunk => <repo-url>/branches/CMT_PHASE3, 18441
> fatal: Not a valid object name refs/remotes/BlueSimViewer 5.0 20110316 Branch
> cat-file commit refs/remotes/BlueSimViewer 5.0 20110316 Branch: command returned error: 128

The command I am running to convert the repo is

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  • > git svn clone <repo-url> -A authors-transform.txt --stdlayout converted-git > svnlog

    This process has already converted 117 branches, some with spaces in their names. I first found this SO question, which helped me move forward from a previous issue solved by git 1.8.x.x.

    Any insight as to the cause of this problem and possible ways of fixing it are greatly appreciated.

    I am running git version on an Ubuntu 12.10 server. I am happy
    to provide any other information that would be helpful.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Converting a subversion repository to git, why am I seeing “fatal: not a valid object name”?”

    I found a solution, but I am not satisfied with the result. If someone can provide a way to do this without ignoring the problematic branches, then I am happy to accept his or her answer.

    For each branch/tag that throws this error, open the following file


    and place a pound symbol (#) at the start of the line containing the offending branch/tag.

    For example, with respect to my question

    b88c4df0d47a9ca43c2d0ffd4a1f6e471f98aebc refs/remotes/BlueSimViewer%205.0%2020110316%20Branch


    #b88c4df0d47a9ca43c2d0ffd4a1f6e471f98aebc refs/remotes/BlueSimViewer%205.0%2020110316%20Branch

    This marks the line as a comment, and git will continue the conversion process while ignoring the problematic branch.

    I am still converting at the time of writing this answer. Although this solution means some branches are missed, at least I will know what branches aren’t there.

    Might be too late now but I guess I found a, at least, odd solution.

    Open the file git-repo-name/.git/packged-refs that you mentioned and replace the %20 for spaces, save the document and try again. Worked for me.

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    Git version: git version (win 7 64x via git bash).

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