Continuum as a Jenkins replacement?

At our company we’re taking a critical look at the products in our Java Development/QA street. One of the products we’re looking at is Apache Continuum.

Could someone with Continuum experience (and preferably also Jenkins experience) explain what the advantages and disadvantages of Apache Continuum are (especially with regards to Jenkins)?

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  • My first impressions are:


    • Better suited for grouping builds and projects (from a UI perspective).


    • No clear dashboard.
    • A relatively small community.
    • No plugins (right?).

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Continuum as a Jenkins replacement?”

    We are using continuum and we switched to jenkins.

    Jenkins advantages:

    • Findbugs
    • pmd
    • checkstyle
    • code coverage (very good chart see for emma)
    • integration with artifactory
    • integration with sonar
    • post build task (build other projects, automatic archiving)
    • new delivery of jenkins every week – critical bugs are solved very quickly
    • rpm/deb packages (you can use yum/deb for automatic update every week)

    In jenkins you create the view and you can group projects there.

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