Configure (or mimic) svn:externals to include code from Github in a svn-hosted project

We use Subversion locally, and we’re working on a project that uses a fork of Fluent NHibernate, which is hosted on Github.

I’d like it set up so that a single svn checkout will retrieve everything necessary to build the project, but maintain the ability to fetch HEAD updates from github.

Is there any way I can pull code from the Git repository as though it was an svn:external dependency? Can I just check the .git folder into our Subversion repository and just run git fetch when I need to, then svn commit the results?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Configure (or mimic) svn:externals to include code from Github in a svn-hosted project” says

    $ svn checkout

    works. So use that URL for your svn:externals.

    • Specific commit: You need to find the appropriate revision number from the git repository using the SHA1 hash:

      $ git svn find-rev <sha1>

      Next, use the peg revision syntax for the revision number in your svn:externals definition.<user>/<project>@<revision>
    • Specific tag (from @orip’s comment):<user>/<project>/tags/<tag>
    • Specific branch (from @orip’s comment):<user>/<project>/branches/<branch>
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