Conditional .gitignore based on origin

I have an application that I want to host on Heroku. It has sensitive database information that I don’t want pushed into the public repo on github… However, I can’t add it to the gitignore file, because then it won’t get pushed to heroku.

Is it possible to have a conditional gitignore, where I ignore that YML file in origin, but not heroku?

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    Unfortunately, no. Git doesn’t support that feature, so you are probably out of luck. There are various ways to get local-only ignore files in different repositories (.git/info/exclude), or on different machines (global ignore), but nothing on a per-origin basis.

    The easiest work-around might be to have a “public” branch that has that file deleted, and a pre-commit hook to ensure that the public branch never accepted a commit that added it.

    No assurances that won’t ever leak the blob to the public copy, however.

    You might want to look into Heroku db:push

    I’ve used that to synch data and you can still ignore all db info.

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