Compressing many commits into fewer, but larger, commits

I git-commit everything I do every hour. This is nice but I end up with way too many commits.

I’d like to be able to purge this so that instead of :

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  • 1 hour ago
    2 hours ago
    23 hours ago
    24 hours ago

    I just have something like:

    1 hour ago
    2 hours ago
    1 day ago
    7 days ago


    Currently each hour I do:

    git-add .
    git-commit -a

    How can I remove certain commits? I don’t want to undo any changes. I just don’t care to have quite so many points to revert to. I’d like to have a lot of commits for the past few hours but then only a few after that (the past day, week, month, etc. or other major points that I keep on purpose).

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    Have a look at the git rebase -i command. This lets you ‘squash’ commits into larger ones, which seems like what you want to do.

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